Story by Desire – it’s in demand… 

Our storytelling session at the Brighton Summit last month was completely sold out!  We even had a waiting list and people hustling at the door to get in as the session went live. In the end we had over 30 entrepreneurs join us, there were facilitators, trainers, business owners, managers, comedians and even professional storytellers. How did the session begin? 

‘Once upon a time…’ 

And from there we entered the world of story. We explored what a story can give you as a leader and business person, people spoke about how good stories can create connections, build motivation, provide insights, and help people see the invisible aspects of our work. Everyone agreed it was a vital skill and art form for any business. From this agreement we spent the rest of the session exploring the ‘how’ of storytelling. To do this we weaved a story into the session and punctuated it with moments of discussion followed by small group work. 

By the end of the session, in just one hour, everyone had identified, crafted and shared a story of their own. And they were right, those stories created a real energy in the room, new connections, people spoke about how much more insightful it was to hear a story rather than a description of ‘what I do’, it also had people light up as they came to understand the value of what they do in a whole new way. 

“people were raving about your Storytelling session” Emily Jones, Events Manager, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce.

“this workshop was extremely enjoyable and very valuable – reminding me how very important our stories are in our lives, I’ve been using this awareness in my work since the session, thank you.” 

It was an inspiring workshop which was practical and will stick in my mind”

“How to connect to anyone through emotive visualisation via stories we all have. Awesome.”

Gerry Thompson, Lead trainer, Positive Comedy award-winning training and coaching.

We were delighted with the session, it was great fun to deliver and we would love to do more. If you have a need to create new connections, build motivation, or to make the value of your work more visible to others then please be in touch. 


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