Swazi Swimming Gala

Here at Development Squared we are not only extremely proud of the fabulous work our delegates achieve mentoring local Swazi businesses but also to be part of the bigger picture in our partnership with http://www.alloutafrica.org

Their work within the local community is fantastic and it was wonderful to see so many people in Brighton last month support Tim & Loretta in their sponsored swim event.


The Swim project was set up by Tim & Loretta along with the amazing support of  http://www.brightonswimmingcentre.com


Learning how to swim is one of the most important life skills a child can conquer in a country filled with rivers. WHO (World Health Organisation) state drowning as one of the major hidden killers in the developing world, a child in Africa is 13 times more likely to drown than a child in Europe.  Our qualified instructors teach young children the basic concepts of entering the water, being comfortable in the water and then learn swimming techniques along the way.


Along with saving lives the aim is to develop early skills and swimming abilities, generate interest in the sport for future opportunities, while at the same time have fun and enjoy the benefits of being physically active.

The swimming program is completely self funded and they are constantly sourcing funds to upgrade equipment, buy new swim costumes and much more. While the program stems out of Swaziland they also run a swim school in Mozambique working with vast amounts of young children in and around project sites in Tofo.

They had a really successful swimming gala day with the team achieving an impressive 8.4km in an hour.

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